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More downpours forecast in eastern, western Japan

NHK -- Aug 17
Weather officials are warning of more torrential rain through Thursday in parts of eastern and western Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says unstable atmospheric conditions have been created due to an influx of damp air toward a front. That has brought localized downpours in eastern and western Japan.

In one hour up to 2 a.m. on Wednesday, 57 millimeters of rain was recorded in Sasebo City in Nagasaki Prefecture, and 56 millimeters in Sakurai City in Nara Prefecture.

The risk of mudslides and floods remains high in northern Tohoku and Hokkaido, where record-levels of rainfall have been observed.

Downpours and lightning are forecast through Thursday in areas along the Sea of Japan coast in eastern and western Japan, as the front is expected to remain stationary.

The agency says some parts of western Japan may receive more than 80 millimeters of rain per hour.

In the 24 hours until Wednesday evening, maximum rainfall of 180 millimeters is forecast in Niigata Prefecture, the Hokuriku and Chugoku regions, 150 millimeters in northern Kyushu, 120 millimeters in the Tokai and Kansai regions, and 100 millimeters in the Tohoku region.

In the 24 hours until Thursday evening, 100 to 200 millimeters are expected in the Chugoku region, and 100 to 150 millimeters in the Tohoku, Tokai, Hokuriku and Kansai regions.

Weather agency officials are warning of mudslides, flooding in low-lying areas, swollen rivers, lightning, tornadoes and gusting winds.

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