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Ichiro inducted into Mariners Hall of Fame

NHK -- Aug 29
Japanese former Major League Baseball star, Suzuki Ichiro has been inducted into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame.

An induction ceremony was held at the team's home field in Seattle on Saturday.

Ichiro joined the Mariners in 2001 to become the first Japanese non-pitcher to play in the Major Leagues.

He was selected for All-Star Games and reached 200 hits for 10 straight years until 2010. In 2004, he knocked 262 hits to set a MLB single-season record.

Ichiro was greeted with a big cheer and the Ichiro chant when he appeared in a suit. His wife Yumiko and former teammates were among the attendees.

Ichiro gave a speech in English, and excited the packed stadium by starting with the words "What's up, Seattle?" ...continue reading

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