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Japan national rugby team steps up training one year before World Cup

NHK -- Sep 09
Thursday marks one year before the Rugby World Cup opens in France. Japan's national team is aiming to bolster its strength with a new goal and a new theme.

The Brave Blossoms have set a target of advancing to the final four in the World Cup that will begin on September 8 next year.

The squad made the final eight for the first time in the 2019 event in Japan under the "One Team" slogan.

One of the team's themes for the current season is "Our Team," meaning each player should be willing to take the initiative to lead.

Head coach Jamie Joseph is seeking to shore up the team's strength through test matches against world powerhouses.

In October and November, the Brave Blossoms will face New Zealand, England and France, whose world rankings are higher than Japan's. ...continue reading

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