JR East puts its own train simulator online

The East Japan Railway Company, known in Japan as JR East, is the largest railway company in Japan. It operates routes that extend from Tokyo to the outskirts of Hokkaido.

Working as a driver in one of the company’s popular trains requires a high level of skill and foresight. Only the best gets an opportunity to drive one of the trains.

Those who do not have these qualities, or who do not even live in Japan, now have an online opportunity to feel like a JR East train driver. The railway company is putting its “JR East Train Simulator” online, which is already featured on the Steam platform. The starting date of this special train journey is 19th September.

The game is based on real JR simulators used in driver training. It uses a highly accurate replica of the Hachik Line, which runs between Takasaki and Kuragano stations. The Keihin-Thoku Line can also be used between miya and Urawa Stations. In the first row, the player controls a northbound Keiha 100 series train, in the second row using a southbound E233 series train. ...continue reading

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