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JR Kyushu unveils new sightseeing train

JR九州 新しい観光列車 博多駅に初入線

NHK -- Sep 16
A railway operator on Japan's southwestern island of Kyushu has unveiled a new sightseeing train.

Kyushu Railway calls the train service "Futatsuboshi 4047." Futatsuboshi means "two stars" in Japanese. The company says it's a reference to the attractiveness of the prefectures of Saga and Nagasaki that the train will travel through. The service starts next Friday to coincide with the launch of a new bullet-train line in western Kyushu.

The train features pearl-colored carriages that are adorned with gold stripes and images of two stars.

The first and third carriages of the three-car train will be for reserved seats.

The middle car will have sofas and a counter where passengers can enjoy meals while watching the scenery go by. ...continue reading

Sep 16 (福岡・佐賀 KBC NEWS) - JR九州の新しい観光列車が16日、博多駅に初めてやってきました。  ...continue reading

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