Tokyo police arrest 4 Vietnamese over drug-related death of woman

薬物中毒の女性を放置し死亡させた疑い ベトナム人4人逮捕

TOKYO, Sep 22 (NHK) - Police in Tokyo have arrested four Vietnamese for failing to assist a fellow Vietnamese woman who died after taking illegal drugs.

Police say the four individuals and the 23-year-old woman took the synthetic drug MDMA at an eatery in Bunkyo Ward in May.

The woman showed symptoms of acute drug poisoning, but the four failed to immediately call an ambulance.

The four said they took the woman outside because she was screaming and acting violently, and put a wet towel in her mouth so she wouldn't bite her tongue.

They finally called an ambulance about 40 minutes later, after being persuaded by staff at the eatery.

But when the emergency team arrived, the woman was already unconscious and died a short while later. The four individuals had left the scene.

Sep 22 (ANNnewsCH) - 今年5月、東京・文京区で口におしぼりを詰められた20代の女性が見つかりその後、死亡した事件で、警視庁は女性を放置して死なせたとしてベトナム人4人を逮捕しました。  ...continue reading

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