Japan’s Raincoat Man arrested for stealing 360 women’s raincoats, 'As exciting as lingerie'

OSAKA, Sep 27 (soranews24.com) - Officers from the Osaka Prefectural Police’s Abeno Precinct have placed Yoshio Yoda, a 51-year-old newspaper deliveryman, under arrest for a series of thefts of women’s raincoats.

Specifically, Yoda went after what are called kappa in Japanese, plastic or vinyl ponchos worn over one’s clothing when going out on rainy days.

According to investigators, Yoda would follow women whom he saw riding bicycles, or look for bicycles in parking lots with attached additional child seats or frames with traditionally feminine colors, under the logic that their riders were more likely to be women. He’d then check to see if the owner had left a raincoat in the basket, and if they had, he’d swipe it. ...continue reading