NTT Docomo to invest $415 mil. in metaverse business

TOKYO, Sep 29 (NHK) - Major Japanese mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo says it will spend 60 billion yen, or about 415 million dollars to fully enter the metaverse market.

The metaverse is a virtual space where users interact in a computer-generated environment.

A new subsidiary, NTT Qonoq will provide entertainment-related services such as virtual live performances. It will also offer metaverse space to other companies.

NTT Docomo aims to make the projects a key new revenue source. Growth in the mobile phone business has been sluggish due to Japan's declining population.

The company plans to work with a range of partners to provide a variety of content.

Sep 29 (ANNnewsCH) - NTTドコモは現実の世界と仮想の世界を融合することで疑似体験を提供するXR事業について、新会社が来月1日から業務を始めると発表しました。  ...continue reading