EV charging stations in Japan get boost from top travel agency JTB

Nationwide network of 5,000 locations to provide data on post-pandemic tourism

TOKYO, Sep 29 (Nikkei) - As Japan guardedly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, top Japanese travel agency JTB plans to build a nationwide network of 5,000 electric-vehicle charging points to try to ride a new trend in domestic tourism, Nikkei has learned.

JTB Communication Design, a group subsidiary, will team with Tokyo startup Terra Motors to install chargers near tourist destinations.

Japan is seeing an increase in day trippers as people look to release more than two years of pent-up travel demand.

JTB will seek insights from EV charging activity to plan new tours and other ways for travelers to spend time while their cars are powering up, which takes longer than filling a gasoline tank.

JTB Communication Design has installed more than 2,000 EV chargers at hotels, parking lots near tourist attractions and other locations since the 2010s. Some of these will be replaced with Terra Motors' ports. ...continue reading

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