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Why Living in Japan Will Make You SKINNY

TOKYO, Sep 30 (Mrs Eats) - Japanese people are really thin! It’s probably one of the first things you’ll notice when you come here! But the question is, why?

Maybe it’s because of our advanced fitness equipment like the long piro piro! You might think that it looks like a normal party whistle, but it’s much more than that! This thing will build your core muscles and help you burn fat, while training your facial muscles! With one blow, you’re getting thinner and more beautiful at the same time!

So WHY ARE Japanese so thin? Well, there are several reasons. But not all of these reasons are good or even healthy. In fact, I’ve had my own struggles with trying to fit in with Japan’s thin-obsessed society. But before I tell you my story, let’s look at how Japan is designed to keep people thin!

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