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F1 Japanese Grand Prix weather forecast

SUZUKA, Oct 05 (gpfans.com) - As with the Singapore Grand Prix, the Japanese GP makes its long-awaited return after a three-year absence.

And just as with the Singapore GP that was affected by heavy rain, it appears we can expect more wet weather to strike the Suzuka circuit over the weekend.

That could add to any nervousness on the part of Max Verstappen who simply needs to win, with the fastest-lap point, to become a two-time champion no matter the result of Ferrari's Charles Leclerc and Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez.

Thankfully, as we have seen in the past in this part of the world, there are at least no typhoons lurking in the region, but the forecast remains an intriguing one nonetheless which could have a bearing on the championship.

Here is what we can expect at Suzuka this weekend.


The race, starting at 2pm local [6am BST], should be a captivating one if the forecast follows through to Sunday as there is a mix of sunshine and showers, potentially leading to tricky calls for the teams.

Temperatures will be on the cusp to aid tyre warm-up, currently, only 20 degrees Celsius, with wind speeds again a non-factor in the low single digits. ...continue reading

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