Japan resumes international passenger shipping

FUKUOKA, Nov 05 (plenglish.com) - The departure of the first ferry from the Fukuoka prefecture, Japan, to Busan, South Korea, marked the resumption of Japan’s international maritime passenger transportation, suspended in 2020 as a preventive measure against Covid-19, local sources reported.

The Queen Beetle departed from the port of Hakata, in Fukuoka, carrying some 130 people on board.

This first trip responds to compliance with the relaxation of border measures adopted by the government of Japan last month, aiming to boost the deteriorated inbound tourism.

The JR Kyushu company launched the high-speed ferry service back in 1991. To date more than 6.5 million people have been moved between Japan and South Korea, the Kyodo agency reported. ...continue reading

Nov 05 (福岡・佐賀 KBC NEWS) - 入国制限の緩和を受け福岡と韓国・釜山を結ぶ新型高速船「クイーンビートル」が初出航しました。  ...continue reading