Teacher pins note on student's back, "I ate the teacher's lunch without permission. I regret it."

教師が児童の背中に反省文 「先生の給食を食べました」 校内を20分間歩かせ発覚

OSAKA, Nov 22 (Fuji News Network) - A female teacher in her 20s who worked at a special support school in Osaka Prefecture was reprimanded and subsequently resigned after punishing a student who ate her lunch.

According to the board of education, in October 2020, a female teacher was sitting next to a first-grade boy while eating school lunch together. Then, while the teacher was away, the boy moved the teacher's food onto his own plate and ate it, Fuji News Network reports.

The teacher reacted by sticking a handwritten note on the child's back saying, "I ate the teacher's lunch without permission. I regret it." The teacher then walked around the school with the boy for about 20 minutes while the note was still attached.

The teacher admitted her action to the board of education after a parent of another child who witnessed the incident reported it the school. The teacher voluntarily resigned her position in September 2022 after being reprimanded by the board.

Nov 22 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 支援学校の教師がとった問題の行動。 きっかけは給食だった。  ...continue reading

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