Emperor Naruhito visits hospital for more prostate tests

天皇陛下 前立腺の組織採取検査を受けられる

TOKYO, Nov 28 (NHK) - Japan's Emperor Naruhito has visited a hospital to have his prostate examined again after the previous test results showed some slightly concerning data.

The Emperor left the Imperial Palace on Sunday morning to visit a hospital in Tokyo.

He previously received an MRI examination on November 6 at the University of Tokyo Hospital.

The Imperial Household Agency said the results were generally good except for the enlargement of the prostate.

But it also said the level of a protein called PSA in his blood sample was a little higher than normal and that more detailed examinations would be conducted by taking a prostate biopsy. ...continue reading

Nov 28 (ANNnewsCH) - 前立腺の肥大が認められた天皇陛下が東京都内の病院で組織を採取する検査を受けられました。  ...continue reading

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