Japanese officials instruct nursery school to apologize to abused infants

Shizuoka, Dec 01 (NHK) - Municipal officials in central Japan have instructed a nursery school to personally apologize to children who were abused by its teachers.

At least 15 acts of cruelty came to light on Wednesday at the private nursery school in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

Three female teachers in charge of one-year-olds had held them in the air by their legs, or threatened them with knives, among other acts, between June and August of this year.

The city plans to file a criminal accusation against the teachers, alleging abuse.

City officials say they asked the nursery school in August to give full details of how each child was abused, but they have not received a full answer. ...continue reading

Dec 01 () - 保育士3人が1歳の園児に対し、「足をつかんで宙づりにする」「ファイルで頭をたたく」など、15の虐待を繰り返していた問題。