55-year-old soccer star 'Kazu' looks forward to 2023 season

NHK -- Jan 03

The 55-year-old Japanese soccer star Miura Kazuyoshi, known as "Kazu," has expressed a New Year's resolution to play well in the coming season.

Miura plays with the Japan Football League's Suzuka Point Getters. He set a record last season for being the oldest player in the league to score.

On Monday, he enjoyed playing with members of the team he belonged to as a child in his hometown, Shizuoka, in an annual New Year event.

Miura showed up shortly after 8:30 a.m., then warmed up before taking part in games with junior high school students and former club members.

He played four 15-minute games with agile moves, scoring a total of three goals with one assist. ...continue reading