What New Year's at my Japanese In-Laws House is like

Paolo fromTOKYO -- Jan 14

Spending Japan New Year's Holiday at my Japanese wife's parent's house in Aichi Prefecture. This is what it is like living in Japan outside of Tokyo and how Japanese families spend New Year's Eve together and what happens the following days.

Life in Japan can be different than most countries, but as long as your able to appreciate Japanese culture and the differences, it can feel like home. We spend time with Maiko's Japanese family including her sister and new husband. Also, Wolfy meets grandpa for the first time in his life. It’s been a lonely few years for many Japanese families, as they’ve avoided returning home for the Holidays and even this year, many areas urged their city family members to avoid travel in fear of getting sick. Luckily for us though, we’re all able to finally get together and welcome both Wolfy and Junya to the family. As many of you know, from following the channel this last year, Maiko and Wolfy had quite a few health issues so I’m personally thankful that our family was able to get through this year. It’s nothing but struggle city when trying to create content while tending to sick family members at the same time. I can wish for nothing more than a healthy family for 2023. ...continue reading