Japan university exams begin with stricter rules to prevent cheating

TOKYO, Jan 15 (Japan Today) - Japan's unified university entrance exams started Saturday across the country as organizers implemented stricter rules to prevent cheating after a photographed image of a question was leaked during the test last year.

Organizers have also implemented coronavirus measures, such as requesting examinees planning to take makeup exams to check if they have body temperatures of 38 C or more, as the country grapples with an eighth wave of infections, according to the National Center for University Entrance Examinations.

As part of the new cheating prevention policy, the organizers warned test-takers that wearing earphones during the exam will be recognized as cheating and that a police report may be filed if evidence of cheating is found.

Other revisions also include proctors asking test-takers before the exam to put their mobile phones on their desks, turn them off and put them in their bags. ...continue reading

Jan 15 (ANNnewsCH) - 14日から大学入学共通テストが始まりました。1日目は会場近くで火災報知器が作動して開始が遅れるなどのトラブルがありました。  ...continue reading