A Treasure Trove of Japanese History: Discovering the Taito City

TOKYO, Jan 31 (drifttravel.com) - If you’re in Tokyo and looking to explore the city’s rich cultural traditions, we recommend that you visit the Taito City area.

As the stage of some of Tokyo’s most well-known tourist attractions and beautiful neighborhoods, Taito-ku is an excellent choice for experiencing some of the many unique aspects of Japanese culture. Take in the atmosphere of Tokyo’s oldest temple and the surrounding alleys oozing with Japanese traditional history and enjoy life as a local by staying at a traditional ryokan inn, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy a typical, delicious multi-course meal served in Japanese style, and end the day with a soothing bath.

Sensoji Temple, in the Asakusa area, is the perfect spot to take in Japan’s history and traditions. Founded in 645, the temple is the oldest in Tokyo and now attracts millions of visitors all year round. As you reach its grounds, you’ll be greeted by the monumental Kaminarimon gate marking the entrance to Nakamise-dori, a colorful shopping street lined with stalls selling all kinds of traditional souvenirs and Japanese delicacies, including the popular ningyo yaki, small cakes with a red bean paste filling that come in various shapes including lanterns, dolls, and birds.

At the end of Nakamise-dori is the Hozomon, another big gate welcoming you to Sensoji’s main temple grounds. From here, you can take a tour around the main hall and take some breathtaking shots of the vermillion five-story pagoda, overlooking a pond brimming with lively koi fish.

For an even more memorable experience, you can rent a traditional Japanese kimono or yukata at one of the many stores around the area and enjoy taking beautiful photos that will double as a treasured memento of your trip. ...continue reading