Uncovering The Mystery Behind Why Japanese Eels Are So Expensive

TTI - English -- Jan 31

All I want for Christmas is a super expensive Japanese eel. I mean, I hate snakes but these ultra expensive and toxic snake-fishes are popular among Japanese food lovers for their exquisite taste and juicy tenderness.

However, there's a catch: instead of their saliva, their blood is poisonous and it is vital that it be removed before cooking, you know, if you want to survive the experience.

If you're a bit of a foodie and you've tried all the traditional high palate foods in your country, why not travel to Japan and expand your horizons. One of the most essential dishes in Japanese cuisine is the Japanese Eel. It is most commonly served in the Unagi capital of Japan, Nagoya, widely reputed to be the location for the best eel in the world. ...continue reading