Japan trading house says workers can be YouTubers to top up $100,000 salaries

ユーチューバーも…三井物産 国内全社員“副業OK”【知っておきたい!】(

TOKYO, Feb 01 (The Peninsula) - A major Japanese trading company has relaxed its rules to allow employees to pursue side careers, such as being a YouTuber or an artist, aiming to retain younger workers who are demanding more flexible work rules.

Mitsui & Co. lifted its ban on side jobs and will now let employees earn money elsewhere, a spokesperson for Japan’s third-largest trading house told Bloomberg News.

The move reflects a drive among companies to adopt more flexible working conditions in order to woo younger workers amid a population decline, particularly since the pandemic.

"After implementing policies on remote work and flexible work hours, we believed the time was right to do even more, so employees can pursue both career development and new working styles,” the company said in a statement. Side jobs could include coaching, working on a tech startup and becoming a YouTuber or an artist, it said. ...continue reading

Feb 01 (ANNnewsCH) - 三井物産は、今月から国内で働く全社員およそ3800人を対象に、幅広い副業を認める新たな制度を導入しました。大手総合商社で、幅広く副業を認めるのは初めてです。  ...continue reading

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