Life sentence handed down for killing of Vietnamese woman

大阪ベトナム国籍女性強盗殺人 無職の男に無期懲役判決 骨折するほどの力で首絞め、奪った金で酒買う

OSAKA, Feb 04 (NHK) - A district court in Osaka, western Japan, has sentenced a 60-year-old man to life in prison for robbing and killing a 31-year-old woman from Vietnam in April last year.

The defendant, Yamaguchi Toshiya, was charged with strangling Vo Thi Le Quyen after luring her into his residence in Osaka and taking from her about 200 dollars in cash.

The victim was working part-time in a box lunch shop on the first floor of the apartment building where Yamaguchi lived.

The presiding judge said Yamaguchi's action was selfish and cruel, with the motive of stealing money, and that he has shown no remorse.

She told the defendant to realize that he has broken the dreams and ended the life of an innocent woman who had a future. The judge told him to pray for the soul of his victim while he serves his prison sentence. ...continue reading

Feb 04 (YTV News) - 昨年、大阪市淀川区でベトナム国籍の女性を殺害し金を奪ったなどとされる無職の山口利家被告(60)の裁判員裁判で、大阪地裁は3日、求刑通り無期懲役を言い渡しました。  ...continue reading

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