Man, ex-wife nabbed for brainwashing girl with view to sexual assault

「一夫多妻」生活の男ら10代少女を洗脳し乱暴未遂か 捜査員に催涙スプレーも…

TOKYO, Feb 07 (Kyodo) - Tokyo police on Tuesday arrested a polyamorous 74-year-old man and one of his ex-wives for allegedly brainwashing an adolescent girl with a view to sexually assaulting her.

Hirohito Shibuya and his ex-wife Chiaki, 43, have been arrested on suspicion of attempting to commit constructive forcible sexual intercourse, a crime that takes advantage of a victim when they are unconscious or in no state to resist, according to investigators. ...continue reading

Feb 07 (ANNnewsCH) - 東京・東大和市の自宅で10代の少女に乱暴をしようとしたとして、74歳の男と元妻で43歳の女が逮捕されました。男は、元妻など10人以上と同居する「一夫多妻」生活を送っていました。  ...continue reading

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