Japan egg prices surge on bird flu, costs of feed and labor


TOKYO, Feb 23 (Nikkei) - An avian influenza outbreak and rising feed costs are behind a shortage of chicken eggs in Japan that has led to rising prices for popular restaurant items including beef bowl dishes as well as the household staple mayonnaise.

Poultry farmers were already reducing the number of egg-laying hens in response to soaring feed prices fueled by the war in Ukraine when bird flu hit Japan late last year. The increase in chicken culls has made the supply of eggs unstable, causing wholesale prices to skyrocket. ...continue reading

Feb 23 (日テレNEWS) - 物価高の中、“値段が高くても売れている”という動きが出ています。都内のスーパーでは、鳥インフルエンザなどの影響で、「安い卵」の値段が高騰。値段がほとんど変わらなくなった高品質の「高い卵」の売れ行きが良いといいます。

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