The Epic Mystery of the Japanese Wolf--Are There Wolves in Japan?

Bob Gymlan -- Feb 27
The wolf inspired fear, but it was also considered heroic. I like the woods because magic and mysticism runs seamlessly with science and nature. Survival and struggle are the laws of the lawless night.

The Japanese Wolf, or Honshu Wolf, is not your ordinary wolf. It was (or is) the last surviving member of the Pleistocene wolves, a lineage that was believed to have gone extinct with the dire wolf, some eight thousand years ago. It is maintained that the Honshu Wolf went extinct in 1905, but some disagree. Eyewitnesses and compelling photographs make a strong case for the Honshu Wolf.

And though the Honshu Wolf is indeed a real life cryptid, it is much more than that.

The saga of the Honshu wolf is symbolic of the struggle for balance between the needs of mankind, and the nature's citizens. The struggle between the old way and the new way, the old versus the new. Order V chaos, and the silent sorrow that can accompany an access of order.

Perhaps the wilderness should remain wild. ...continue reading

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