Hold the mayonnaise as egg shortage hits McDonald’s to 7-Eleven in Japan

taipeitimes.com -- Mar 09

McDonald’s, 7-Eleven and mayonnaise maker Kewpie are just some of the firms in Japan contending with the worst-ever global outbreak of bird flu.

Of 100 listed restaurant companies in Japan, 18 had suspended egg-related items as of Sunday, according to Teikoku Databank.

Fewer hens led to a near doubling in the wholesale price of the farm staple last month to Y327 (US$2.38) from a year earlier, the research firm said on Tuesday.

That means McDonald’s Holdings Co Japan Ltd’s Teritama Muffin is off the menu.

The breakfast sandwich, which combines egg, sausage and teriyaki sauce, is typically offered in spring each year.

The fast-food giant has also warned it could temporarily halt sales of hamburgers that contain eggs if supply disruptions persist. ...continue reading

Mar 09 (日テレNEWS) - ファミリーレストランやファストフード店など、外食大手のおよそ2割が、たまごを使ったメニューを休止していることがわかりました。  ...continue reading