Masks not required at schools from new semester

新学期から学校でマスク不要 文科省が通知

Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology notified boards of education nationwide on Friday that it is basically unnecessary to wear a mask as a countermeasure against COVID in schools from the new semester.

The new policy basically does not require students and teachers to wear masks, including when riding crowded trains and buses on the way to and from school, and when visiting medical institutions for field trips.

Also, masks are not required when singing in a chorus, provided a certain distance can be maintained. The ministry still recommends wearing masks.

It was clearly stated that if measures such as refraining from loud conversations and not having desks facing each other during school lunches, then "eating in silence is not necessary."

From the 13th of this month, it became an individual decision to wear a mask, but the rules for wearing masks at school will be relaxed after April 1, as changes in the middle of the semester could cause confusion. ...continue reading

Mar 17 (テレ朝news) - 新学期から学校生活で新型コロナ対策としてのマスクの着用を基本的に不要とする方針を文科省が17日、全国の教育委員会に通知しました。  ...continue reading

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