Ex-breeder in Tokyo arrested for neglecting 10 dogs

Japan Today -- Mar 30

A 46-year-old former dog breeder in western Tokyo has been arrested for alleged neglect of 10 dogs, police said Wednesday, noting that the number of animals he was taking care of at one point had reached over 150.

Takashi Ogawa, who lives in Hachioji, had been breeding and selling dogs such as Shiba Inu and Kai Ken, which are designated as national treasures. He is believed to have caused the 10 dogs to suffer through neglect between December and January in violation of the animal welfare law.

The Metropolitan Police Department believes he may have ended up with too many dogs to raise, becoming unable to offer adequate care.

Ogawa began breeding dogs in February 2010. He had about 170 animals at one point and at least 15 have died, according to the police. ...continue reading

Mar 30 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 天然記念物に指定されている甲斐犬(かいけん)など170匹以上を飼育していた、元ブリーダーの男が、劣悪な環境で犬を飼育し、虐待した疑いで逮捕された。  ...continue reading