'Forest' of carbon dioxide-sucking vending machines planned in Japan

「CO2を食べる自動販売機」が登場! 仕掛けは中の“白い粉” 吸引力はスギの木約20本分 アサヒ飲料

TOKYO, May 12 (The Star) - One of Japan's leading drinks makers is planning an unorthodox way to cut its carbon emissions, utilising a ubiquitous device in the nation: the vending machine.

The soft drinks arm of Tokyo-based Asahi Group Holdings Ltd said it plans to test out new machine next month containing a material that "absorbs carbon dioxide” as it sucks in air to cool or warm the drinks inside.

Described by the company as a potential "forest in the city,” the machines, which are being patented, will contain a white powder-like material made from various calcium minerals, which, once it has absorbed a certain amount of CO2 will then be used for industrial purposes, such as making fertiliser and algal sea beds.

The experiment, which will begin with about 30 units installed in the Kanto and Kansai regions, is part of an effort by the firm to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Each machine is expected to absorb approximately 60 kilograms (132 pounds) of carbon dioxide - or 20% of the carbon emissions it produces - each year, according to company spokesperson Yoshiie Horii. ...continue reading

May 12 (TBS NEWS) - 「アサヒ飲料」が公開した新しい自動販売機。その名も「CO2を食べる自動販売機」です。仕掛けは自販機の中にありました。  ...continue reading

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