Car crashes into Aichi supermarket seriously injuring shoppers

「誤ってアクセル踏んだ」 店に車突っ込む 5人重軽傷 愛知・稲沢市

NOJ / FNN -- May 14
Aichi, May 14 (NOJ / FNN) - Five female customers at a supermarket in Inazawa City, Aichi, were seriously injured on Saturday morning when a car crashed into the building after an elderly driver mistakenly stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake.

The passenger car broke the glass and plunged into the store where a female customer in her 70s suffered a serious injury that appeared to be a pelvic fracture and was transported to hospital by helicopter.

In addition, three other female customers and a female employee in her 60s suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital.

The 80-year-old man who was driving the car was uninjured and said he accidentally stepped on the gas pedal while trying to stop.

May 14 (FNNプライムオンライン) - 愛知・稲沢市で13日朝、JAのスーパーに車が突っ込み、客の女性ら5人が重軽傷を負った。  ...continue reading

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