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Japan wins 6th mixed team gold at World Judo Championships

NHK -- May 16
Japan has beaten France in the World Judo Championships to win its sixth straight mixed team title.

The competition by teams made up of six athletes each was held on Sunday, the final day of the championships in Qatar.

France had defeated Japan in the mixed team event in the Tokyo Olympics two years ago.

Hashimoto Soichi, who won bronze in the men's 73-kilogram class in the championships, and women's 70-kilogram class winner Niizoe Saki both lost in the first two bouts.

Japan eventually won two matches, but France was leading after five bouts.

In the sixth match, women's 57-kilogram class silver medalist Funakubo Haruka allowed her opponent to score, but ultimately won by ippon.

With both teams having won three bouts each, the golden score rule was applied for a seventh match. ...continue reading

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