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Toyota puts liquid hydrogen-powered car into 24-hour race

トヨタ 液体水素車で24時間耐久レースを“世界初”完走

Japan Today -- May 29
Toyota Motor Corp on Saturday entered a racing car powered by liquid hydrogen into a 24-hour endurance race in central Japan, making it the first such car in the world to participate in an official race.

The move is the latest endeavor by the Japanese automaker to popularize hydrogen as a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel amid tightening environmental regulations worldwide since it does not emit carbon dioxide when burnt.

Toyota, the developer of the world's first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle, Mirai, has said offering a wide range of green vehicles, including hybrid cars, is more effective in cutting their carbon footprint than just focusing on electric vehicles.

The entry comes as the use of hydrogen gains popularity across industries. Four major motorcycle makers in Japan, including Kawasaki Motors Ltd, said earlier this month they will jointly develop hydrogen-powered engines with an eye to launching them on two-wheelers. ...continue reading

May 29 (ANNnewsCH) - トヨタ自動車は液体水素を燃料とする水素エンジン車で24時間耐久レースに世界で初めて挑戦し、完走しました。  ...continue reading

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