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[Monsters In Tokyo] #8 Maman Giant Spider

TOKYO, May 29 (NOJ) - The Maman Spider Sculpture by the late Louise Bourgeois is a famous landmark in Roppongi Hills.

If you stand below the creature you can look up to see a cluster of 26 marble eggs held within an abdomen and thorax made of ribbed bronze. The Roppongi sculpture is one of 6 bronze castings which followed the original 1999 steel creation which was displayed in the Tate Modern, London... read more @ tokyocheapo.com

Louse Bourgeois’ spider sculpture is one of her most ambitious projects in his lengthy career.

Bourgeois’s work is known for its very intimate subject matter, which includes the subconscious, sexual urges, jealousy, deception, terror, anxiety, isolation, and the body. These themes are inspired by incidents from her upbringing, for which she saw painting as a healing or cathartic procedure... read more @ artincontext.org

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