Kishida fires son after scandal tarnishes image

岸田総理 長男の翔太郎秘書官を更迭

Business Times -- May 30
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he would fire his son, who is working as his secretary, after a scandal over a party held at his official residence in late 2022.

“His actions last year in an official space were inappropriate for a secretary who is in an official position, so I decided to replace him to draw a line under this,” Kishida told reporters in remarks carried live by public broadcaster NHK. The replacement will take effect from Jun 1, he added.

The decision came after a recent rise in support for Kishida’s Cabinet in a series of polls over the weekend amid criticism of his son, Shotaro Kishida. A magazine had published photos of him posing in official spaces during the party, including on the stairs where new Cabinet ministers are usually photographed to mark their appointment.

The premier had already reprimanded his son over the incident, but a poll carried out by the Asahi newspaper showed that three-quarters of respondents saw Shotaro’s behaviour as a problem. A separate poll by the Nikkei newspaper showed that Kishida’s support had fallen by five percentage points to 47 per cent. ...continue reading

May 30 (ANNnewsCH) - 岸田総理大臣は長男で総理秘書官を務める翔太郎氏を更迭しました。「けじめをつけるため交代させることにした」としています。  ...continue reading

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