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The actual secret to living to 100 may have been found

metro.co.uk -- Jun 05
The secret to living to 100 could all be down to your gut, a new study has claimed.

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen studied 176 centenarians from Japan and found they had a ‘unique’ combination of gut bacteria.

Dr Joachim Johansen said: ‘Previous research has shown the intestinal bacteria of old Japanese citizens produce brand new molecules that make them resistant to pathogenic, disease-promoting, microorganisms.

‘And if their intestines are better protected against infection, well, then that is probably one of the things that cause them to live longer than others.’

Specific viruses in the intestines can have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora and thus on our health, the study showed.

The Japanese centenarians also had a huge variety of both bacteria and bacterial viruses in their guts. ...continue reading

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