Stone coffin opened at Yoshinogari site in southwestern Japan

邪馬台国時代の有力者の墓か 吉野ヶ里遺跡の「石棺墓」ふたを開き墓の内部の調査始まる

Japan Times -- Jun 05
The Saga prefectural government opened a sarcophagus on Monday that was unearthed at the Yoshinogari archaeological site in southwestern Japan and is preparing to study its contents.

Excavated from the enormous ruins of a moat-enclosed settlement in Saga Prefecture, the stone coffin is believed to have been built around the second to third centuries in the late Yayoi period during the time of the ancient country of Yamatai.

The coffin is around 2.3 meters long — bigger than other graves found at the site. ...continue reading

Jun 05 (サガテレビ) - 吉野ヶ里遺跡で新たに見つかった邪馬台国時代の可能性が高い「石棺墓」について、県は5日、ふたを開き墓の内部を確認しました。有力者の墓と裏付ける副葬品が見つかるか注目されます。  ...continue reading

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