Osaka transgender LGBTQ rights lawyer gets death threats online

大阪 トランスジェンダー公表の弁護士 “殺害予告”メッセージ届く

NHK -- Jun 06
A transgender lawyer in Osaka working on LGBTQ rights has received death threats online, calling them a hate crime targeting a transgender person.

Nakaoka Shun, a member of the Osaka Bar Association, was assigned male at birth but later came out as a transgender woman. She is now championing the rights of sexual minorities as a lawyer.

Nakaoka told a news conference on Monday that 15 defamatory messages, including death threats, had been sent to her through the inquiry form of the website of her office since Saturday.

The messages include one saying that she's pretending to be a woman despite being a man. Another threatens that she will be stabbed to death. ...continue reading

Jun 06 (ANNnewsCH) - 大阪弁護士会に所属し、トランスジェンダーを公表している弁護士のもとに「男のクセに女のフリをしている」などと中傷し、殺害を予告するメッセージが届いていたことが分かりました。  ...continue reading

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