Online divorce and bankruptcy procedures approved

離婚や破産を“オンライン化”  民事手続きで

TOKYO, Jun 07 (NOJ) - Japan's revised civil law which allows non-trial procedures such as divorce and bankruptcy to be conducted online was passed Tuesday by a majority vote in a House of Representatives plenary session.

In addition to being able to submit online petitions that previously had to be brought to the court or mailed, bankruptcy creditors' meetings will allow participants to use web conferences when a company goes bankrupt, TV TOKYO reports.

Jun 07 ( テレ東BIZ) - 離婚や破産など裁判以外の手続きをオンライン化する改正民事執行法などが、衆議院本会議で、与党と立憲民主党などの賛成多数で可決、成立しました。  ...continue reading

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