4 Chinese arrested by Japan police for smuggling 700 kg drugs

東京港で覚醒剤約700kg・末端価格で434億円相当を押収 中国人4人逮捕

Kyodo -- Jun 07
Four Chinese nationals have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling about 700 kilograms of illegal stimulants from the United Arab Emirates, police and customs officials said Wednesday.

The amount of stimulants, with an estimated street value of 43.4 billion yen ($311 million), was the second largest ever confiscated at one time in Japan.

Suspicious powders were found in March in containers on a ship that arrived at the Port of Tokyo via China and was seized by Tokyo Customs. Tokyo police suspect the involvement of an international smuggling ring and are investigating the potential connection. ...continue reading

Jun 07 (ANNnewsCH) - ドバイから中国経由で東京に届いたコンテナから覚醒剤およそ700キロが見つかりました。覚醒剤の押収量は過去2番目で、警視庁は密輸などの疑いで中国人4人を逮捕しました。  ...continue reading

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