Japan court rules that not allowing same-sex marriage is 'in a state of unconstitutionality'

【同性婚】認めないのは「違憲状態」と判断 福岡地裁

FUKUOKA, Jun 08 (abc.net.au) - Japan's Fukuoka District Court ruled on Thursday that not allowing same-sex marriage was "in a state of unconstitutionality", in a complicated ruling that fell short of marriage-equality activists' expectations.

The ruling came a week after another district court said it was unconstitutional to not allow same-sex marriage, bolstering hopes of the LGBTQ community in Japan, the only G7 nation without legal protection for same-sex unions.

Five rulings on same-sex marriage have now been handed down around Japan — two saying bans on it are unconstitutional and one saying they were not. Two were less conclusive.

A Tokyo ruling upheld the ban on same-sex marriage but said a lack of legal protection for same-sex families violated their human rights.

A lawyer for the Fukuoka plaintiffs said details of the latest ruling were still being verified, but that he thought it was likely to be similar to that of the Tokyo court. When it was handed down, activists saw that ruling as a step forward.

Opinion polls show about 70 per cent of the public supports same-sex marriage, but the conservative ruling party of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida opposes it. ...continue reading

Jun 08 (日テレNEWS) - 同性同士の結婚を認めないのは憲法に違反するとして、3組の同性カップルが国を訴えた裁判の判決で、福岡地方裁判所は8日、憲法に違反する状態にあると指摘しました。  ...continue reading

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