Student dies after barbecue bursts into flames

バーベキューで炎上 学生が死亡 消毒用アルコール“身近に潜む危険”

NOJ -- Jun 09
A student of a beauty school in Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, has died and three other injured when alcohol was sprinkled onto a barbecue they were gathered around, setting their clothes on fire, TV Asahi reports.

About 470 students and staff had gathered around a stove made from drum cans for the purpose of getting to know each other last month.

An employee, who had noticed that the barbeque's flames had extinguished, sprinkled antiseptic alcohol on the charcoal, causing a pillar of fire to burned violently for more than 10 seconds. The clothes of the four boys nearby caught fire.

The boys were rushed to hospital, where one of them died on June 6 with burns to his entire body.

According to the school, the antiseptic alcohol, which is believed to be the cause of the flames, was brought out of the staff room to ignite the barbecue.

Jun 09 (ANNnewsCH) - 福岡県柳川市にある美容専門学校が開いたバーベキュー。先月、懇親を図る目的で生徒およそ470人と職員らがドラム缶を加工したコンロを囲んでいたところ、思わぬ事態に発展。  ...continue reading

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