First peek inside Japan's tallest skyscraper

TOKYO, Aug 08 (News On Japan) - Japan's tallest building, standing at approximately 330 meters high and located in the heart of Tokyo, has been unveiled for the first time.

Mori Building President Shingo Tsuji: "The city that we have envisioned as the future of Hills is finally taking shape. It will become a new standard for urban development, and Tokyo will undergo significant changes from here."

Opening in November in Tokyo's Minato Ward, "Azabudai Hills" features a main tower with 64 above-ground floors.

With a height of approximately 330 meters, it will become the tallest building in Japan, surpassing Osaka's "Abeno Harukas."

In addition to commercial and medical facilities, the complex will include offices and residences with views of Tokyo Tower and Skytree.

The entire development will be home to approximately 3,500 residents and accommodate a workforce of 20,000 people.

In the city center, near Tokyo Station, there are plans to construct a 390-meter-tall building in the fiscal year 2027.