Man robs mother of 1,000 yen, threatens kids with flower pot, flees without cash

TOKYO, Aug 28 (News On Japan) - A man who climbed into the back of a woman's car, threatening her two children with a pottery shard while demanding money, later fled, leaving the 1,000 yen the woman had handed over to him.

The robbery occurred on Sunday at around 2pm in a housing complex parking lot in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City, as the woman was returning home from shopping. A man suddenly opened the back door of the car, and while waving a piece of a broken flower pot at the woman's child in the back seat, demanded, "Give me your money."

The woman handed the man 1,000 yen in cash. However, the assailant began lamenting, "This is bad." and left the cash on the passenger seat before escaping on a bicycle.

Neither the mother nor the two children in the back seat were injured.

The fleeing man is described as having short black hair, around 170 cm tall, slim build, and wearing a black T-shirt and pants.

Aug 28 (東海テレビ NEWS ONE) - 名古屋市守山区の住宅で27日午後、帰宅したばかりの車に男が押し入り、現金1000円を奪う強盗事件がありました。男はその後「悪いもんで」と言って現金を置いて逃走しています。  ...continue reading