Angry locals nab bag snatcher in Tokyo

TOKYO, Aug 30 (News On Japan) - A security camera has captured the moment a bag snatcher on a motorbike was brought down by locals in Tokyo's Ueno district.

The footage shows two men on a motorcycle attempting to snatch a man's backpack at around midday on Tuesday.

As the man seated at the back of the motorcycle got off, people around quickly moved in to restrain him, ultimately leading to his apprehendion by nearby security guards and police officers.

According to investigators, a 110 emergency call around noon on August 29 reported that, "several individuals have apprehended a bag snatcher" on the streets of Ueno.

It is reported that the two men on the motorcycle attempted to snatch a backpack from a man in his 40s who was walking by.

The man fell to the ground, sustaining minor injuries including scraped fingers.

Of the two men, the one seated at the back of the motorcycle was of Vietnamese nationality. Passersby detained him on the spot, and he was arrested on the scene for suspicion of robbery and causing injury.

The man riding the motorcycle, wearing a black helmet, sped off, with Metropolitan Police Department currently pursuing his whereabouts.

A few hundred meters from the scene, an incident occurred on the 4th of this month where gold bars were stolen by two foreigners. The police are investigating any potential connections.

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