The 'Last Samurai' repels bike thieves in Brazil

News On Japan -- Sep 04

Captured on security cameras, the "Last Samurai of Brazil" foils a gang of bike thieves as he chases them away with a Japanese sword.

In the middle of the night in a residential area, the security cameras of a condominium in South America's Brazil captured footage of a group of three bicycle thieves.

It appears they intended to steal several bikes from the parking lot.

A man who was monitoring the situation on his smartphone, along with a resident, prepared for battle inside the elevator.

The man pulled out something ominous. It was a sword.

With disheveled hair, he chased after the criminals in a furious dash.

He resembled a samurai, aiming to take down the leader. The criminals abandon the bikes and flee.

The sight of him sheathing the sword was quite impressive.

He's known as the "Last Samurai of Brazil." Who exactly is he? We asked him.

"Last Samurai of Brazil" Alison (39): "Hello to everyone in Japan. My name is Alison."

Alison is a physical therapist and a model.

He has been practicing Aikido since he was a child and has always had a strong affinity for Japan. The sword, he says, was imported from Japan.

"Last Samurai of Brazil" Alison: "I think what drove away the criminals was the spirit of the katana. It embodies 'strength,' 'courage,' and 'discipline.' Thank you very much!"

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