Salmon nets highest price in 5 years at this year's first auction

SAPPORO, Sep 04 (News On Japan) - This year's first salmon auction at the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market saw the highest prices in 5 years and salmon sizes overall larger than last year.

About 230 salmon from the brand "Ginsei," mainly caught along the Pacific coast of Hidaka, were put up for auction, with prices climbing to 23,500 yen, the highest in five years.

Naoki Kawai, from Takahashi Fisheries, commented, "We are expecting a good harvest similar to last year, so we anticipate that prices will decrease accordingly in the future. We have high hopes for that."

Starting next week, fishing is expected to begin in the Sea of Japan and along the Okhotsk coast, marking the full onset of the autumn salmon season.

Sep 04 () - 札幌市の中央卸売市場で秋サケの初競りが行われました。去年よりも全体的に大きく、過去5年で最も高いご祝儀価格が付きました。  ...continue reading