Cow abuser bows deeply in court, awaits verdict

TOKYO, Sep 05 (News On Japan) - A man who was accused of repeatedly kicking and abusing cows kept on a farm in Shimane Prefecture expressed full acknowledgment of the charges against him during Monday's initial trial, bowing in apology.

The defendant, a Filipino national, was charged with violating animal welfare laws for physically abusing two cows, repeatedly kicking them in the nose and neck area while he was working at the farm in June of this year. The video of the abuse, which the defendant himself recorded and posted on social media, sparked outrage and became a significant issue.

During today's courtroom proceedings, when asked if there were any inaccuracies in the charges, the defendant responded, "No, there aren't. I am at fault." He explained that he became frustrated, kicked the cow around the left chest area, and impulsively recorded and posted it without much thought. He then spoke in Japanese, saying, "I am sincerely sorry to everyone," and bowed to the judge.

The verdict will be delivered on the 22nd of this month.

Sep 05 (TBS NEWS) - 島根県の農場で、飼育していた牛を繰り返し蹴るなど虐待したとして起訴された元従業員の男。きょうの初公判で起訴内容を全面的に認めました。  ...continue reading