Eating and Drinking at a Luxury Drinking Alley on Top of Tokyo!

TOKYO, Sep 05 (Japan by Food) - Shizuka heads to Minato City in Tokyo to check out a yokocho of a different kind. Yokocho, meaning “alleyway” or “side street”, are a network of narrow alleyways lined with various eateries and bars.

Yokocho are a fascinating part of Japan’s urban dining culture, but today, we’re checking out a new interpretation of this timely social dining concept: a sky-high themed indoor yokocho!

Shizuka makes her way up to the 38th floor of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Minato City (Tokyo) to Ajikaido Gojusantsug: a high-end indoor yokocho where the restaurants are named after the 53 stations (or rest areas) along the Tokaido Road, which connected Kyoto to Edo (otherwise known as modern Tokyo).

First stop on our indoor yokocho journey, Sanjo–a teppanyaki restaurant serving Japanese wagyu beef. Shizuka sits and indulges in a luxurious course meal starring pancakes with caviar, Japanese black beef sirloin, and more. Next stop on our Tokaido-themed yokocho pilgrimage is Odawara, where Shizuka savors fresh seafood and vegetable tempura. Full but with room for more, Shizuka walks to her final stop, Nihonbashi–a premium sushi restaurant with a breathtaking view of the Tokyo skyline. The chef prepares fresh sushi using the finest local seafood, ensuring our host ends the journey on a delectable high.