Okinawa is a Blue Zone where a remarkable number of people live to 100

Insider -- Sep 09

Okinawa, Japan is a Blue Zone and home to the longest-lived women in the world People form tight-knit friendship groups in childhood that support them into old age.

From a very young age, children in Okinawa are put into small groups of four or five known as "moai."

They serve as a safety net or second family that provides companionship, emotional support, and financial support if needed. The idea is that they commit to the group for life and meet regularly.

The tradition dates back hundreds of years and was initially intended as a way of pooling an entire village's resources for projects or public works, according to the Blue Zones website.

They eat lots of sweet potato, tofu, and seaweed

The Okinawa diet is mainly plant-based and heavily features vegetables and soy. ...continue reading