'Tyrannosaurus Race' is roaring success in Japan

TOKYO, Sep 11 (News On Japan) - From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, 'Tyrannosaurus Races' are being held all over the country.

The immensely popular Tyrannosaurus Race was held at Niigata Prefectural Botanical Garden on September 10, with a gathering of 30 Tyrannosaurus costumes from various places.

To participate in this event, you have to prepare your own Tyrannosaurus costume.

The race is divided into "Young Beast Race" for elementary school students and below, and "Adult Male" and "Adult Female" for junior high school students and above, with a 25-meter sprint.

The Tyrannosaurus Race started in 2017 when an American company held it at a racetrack to boost teamwork among its employees.

It was first held in Japan in April of last year and quickly became a popular event.

According to the Japan Tyrannosaurus Preservation Society, there were about 40 events last year, while this year that number is expected to almost double, with 76 events scheduled in 32 prefectures from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Regarding the reason for this massive trend, Naoki Kawamoto, President of the Japan Tyrannosaurus Preservation Society, said, "For us, humans living in a stress-filled society, transforming into the impressive image of a Tyrannosaurus, the synonym for dinosaurs, can make us feel liberated. Furthermore, the game element of 'running' is simple, allowing people of all ages and from all places to participate, which has led to its spread nationwide."